For many people, credit scores are mysterious numbers they view once a year and hope for the best. They might know the names of the credit bureaus, but chances are good they don’t know that each bureau is a for-profit company and just as prone to mistakes as any other.

At Good Life Credit Solutions, we’re on a mission to make the credit industry actually do its job and to help you repair your credit score. We do this by leveraging United Credit Education Services (UCES) to clear your credit score and give it a new lease on life.

By law, credit bureaus are required to drop all negative events off of your score after seven years. Whether that be bankruptcy or one missed payment, it doesn’t matter; those negative impacts to your credit score are supposed to be removed. There are many nuances to each situation that can make a huge difference for your poor credit score if you know what you’re doing. Simply trusting a bureau to handle your score with care is not going to be enough. Instead, let Good Life Credit Solutions come in, hold the bureaus accountable, and provide the credit repair help you deserve.

We offer multiple credit fix services to clean up your record from multiple angles. We also want to be able to customize our services to address your exact situation. Check out your options below.

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