If a low credit score has prevented you from moving forward in life, you aren’t alone. A lot of Americans live with bad credit score issues due to life’s ups and downs.

Sometimes, we don’t have control over those ups and downs; events such as divorce, job loss, medical bills, or a death in the family can all take their toll on finances. However, there’s no reason to stay trapped by a number generated by for-profit bureaus who don’t have your best interests in mind. Good Life Credit Solutions’ credit repair services are here to change everything.

Did you know that the credit bureaus, by law, are supposed to delete all negative, erroneous, or obsolete items from your credit history after seven years, and in the case of bankruptcies, after 10 years? Whether you have a minor infraction or a major one, your credit record should reflect only items that are accurate, and are currently in good standings. However, credit bureaus don’t always do their jobs. The credit bureaus’ business model is not geared towards protecting you, the customer, but they get paid to sell your financial information. Also, there are nuances to each situation that can help your credit score improve even faster. The bureaus won’t tell you this or help make it happen. We will.

With the help of United Credit Education Services (UCES), we are able to dive into your credit situation and transform it so you can move forward with your life. From the time you become a customer of ours, we pull all three credit reports at the same time, and put together three different dispute letters in order to fight all negative items impacting your credit score at the same time. This helps to speed up the credit repair process significantly. We also offer attorney services that can be customized to your precise needs, especially if you have ever been involved in identity theft or you have collection agencies that are harassing you. Contact us today to learn more about how to fix credit score issues and start down the road to better financial wellbeing.